Best Oximeter App For Mobile - Blood Oxygen Levels Tracker and Monitor For Android and iOS

Care Plix App: Best Oximeter App in India - Blood Oxygen Levels Tracker and Monitor For Android and iOS

Typically, for a COVID-19 positive patient SpO2 levels between 94 to 100 is considered healthy but anything below must require urgent medical attention.

This time India is in the grip of another huge COVID-19 wave and this time the lack of oxygen has forced people to buy oximeters.

Pulse Oximeter is a crucial instrument for monitoring and tracking SpO2 . But due to increasing demand, the manufacturers have increased the price of oximeters and these days it can be purchased for around 2,000 rupees.

However, there are some apps on Google Play and Apple App Store for free that claim to offer the same functionality, without any extra gear.

How does Oximeter App work ?

Most of these apps claim to use the same principles as photoplethysmography or PPG which allows the detection of volumetric variations of blood circulation using a light source. In this case, the app uses the phone's flashlight and camera instead of infrared light in the oximeter to measure Spo2 levels.

If you want to buy an oximeter for very accurate results, Amazon has a lot of oximeters.

But if due to some reason you are not able to buy oximeter then you can try an Free Oximeter app listed below.

Here we have one of the best oximeter app which is made in India and is available on both Play store and App store.

CarePlix Vitals 

A Kolkata-based healthcare startup "CareNow Healthcare" has introduced a mobile application called Careplix Vital, which can be downloaded for free on both the Apple Store and Google Play. 

  • This app requires user's email IDs for registration.
  • This app provides accurate results which corresponds to the reading of the oximeter.

How to download the CarePlix Vitals app on Android

The Careplix vitals app for Android is temporarily unavailable on the Google Play store platform. However, you can visit the official website of Careplix Vitals and download the apk file. 
To download the Careplix Vitals apk file, you need to do is click on the Android download option on the website.

How to use Care Plix Vitals App.

  1. Download App from Play Store / App Store or the Link given above.
  2. Sign in/ Sign up by entering the required details.
  3. To monitor your blood oxygen level, click on the "scan vitals" option displayed on the homescreen.
  4. Then click on "start scan" option, after which the LED flashlight will turn on.
  5. Place your index finger on the rear camera covering the camera and flash light.
  6. Don't move the finger, click on start and wait until the vitals are captured.
  7. Once the vitals are captured, the app will show the pulse and respiratory rate and also the SpO2 level.

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