Bad Effects of Smartphones in our Life and How smartphones effects our brain?

Bad Effects of Smartphones in our Life and How smartphones effects our brain?

In modern era, science is like a wonder for all of us. Many gadgets of science are using by us in our day-to-day life and making it more comfortable and easy. Smartphone is one of these wonderful gadgets. It plays an important role in our life from morning alarm to night chatting all depends on it. In present time we can't even imagine our life without smartphone. But too much of everything is bad. In recent studies, researchers have found many bad effects of smartphones in our life.

What are the effects of smartphones on the brain? 

If we were asked to spent a day without our smartphone,  we can't even think of doing it easily. Researchers who have asked some participants to spent a day without their phones for various periods of time, have found that breaking the smartphone habit, even for a  very short interval, can be exceedingly difficult.

In your surroundings, you will probably find all the people using their smartphones for a variety of purposes according to their need, from conducting business calls, checking their email or updating on social media. Our smartphones unwillingly have become an necessary part of our lives. But does the smartphones have any impact on our brains?

Smartphone impact our brain in variety of ways. Some recent researches suggests that it might impact our brain as it can impair our sleep patterns, it can impact on children’s social and emotional development and  it might even turn some people into lazy thinkers. Excessive use of smartphones also impact on the weakness of brain power.

Cognitive Ability

Recent research suggests that smartphone usage does indeed have an effect on the brain, although the long-term effects remain to be seen. 

In one study presented to the Radiological Society of North America, researchers found that young people with internet and smartphone addiction actually imbalances in brain chemistry compared to a normal one.

Another study in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research found that cognitive capacity was significantly reduced whenever a smartphone is nearby with you, even if the smartphone is switched off.

How smartphones impacts Social & Emotional Skills?

Using smartphone to entertain or pacify children, might have a detrimental effect on their social and emotional development.

If these devices become the method to calm and distract your child, they would not be able to develop their own internal mechanisms of self-regulation.

Smartphones directly impact on the Hands-on activities of children. When child come to a direct interaction with screen entertainment and gaming, their Hands-on activities reduces. It becomes especially problematic when such devices replace hands-on activities that help to develop visual-motor and sensorimotor skills in young generation.

There are many more bad effects of smartphones and other devices on the development of a child including skill solving development, it develops unstructured play etc.

Hwo smartphones impact in Disrupted Sleep?

Using your smartphone or tablet at bedtime might be interfering with your sleep, and not because you’re staying up late to check your email, scrolling through your social media newsfeed, or playing the games.

According to some sleep experts, the type of light emitting from your smartphones or other devices might interfere your sleep cycle even after you turn off your device.

In a study published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, some adult participants were asked to either read on a display for four hours each night before bed or read a printed books in dim lighting. After five consecutive nights, the two groups switched.

Researchers found that those who had read on a display before bedtime shows reduction in levels of melatonin, a hormone that increases throughout the evening and induces sleepiness. It also took these participants more time to fall asleep, and they experienced less REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep throughout the night.

The type of light emitted by our smartphones is blue in color. The cells present at the back of the eyes contain a light-sensitive protein that picks up certain wavelengths of light. These light-sensitive cells then send signals to the brain's "clock" that regulates the body's circadian rhythms and help in maintaining sleep cycles.

Normally, blue light peaks in the morning, it help your body to wake up for the day. Red light increases in the evening, signaling that it is time to wind down and go to bed. By interrupting this natural cycle with the blue light emitted by mobile devices, the normal sleep-wake cycles interfere and results into disrupted sleep.

The next time you will play games in your mobile at night, think about the possible effect of it on your sleep cycle. Instead of smartphones you have to read a paper book.

 How somartphones affect our thinking?

Instead of mulling over questions you might have about the world around you, you can just grab your phone and Google the answers. Instead of trying to remember important appointments, meetings, or dates, you simply rely on an Phone app to remind you of what you need to accomplish each day.

Some experts warn that this over use of your mobile device for all the answers might lead to mental laziness. In fact, one recent study has found that there is actually a deep link between relying on a smartphone and mental laziness.

Smartphones don't necessarily turn people from deep thinkers into lazy thinkers, but the research suggest that people who are to much reliable on smartphones for even minimal answers get the most impact of it as it decrease our thinking capacity. 

The problem with relying on the smartphones internet too much is that you can't know you have the correct answer unless you think about it in an analytical or logical way," explained Gordon Pennycook, one of the study's co-authors.

Our research provides support for an association between heavy smartphone use and lowered intelligence," said Pennycook. "Whether smartphones actually decrease intelligence is still an open question that requires future research.

The researchers warn, however, that the use of mobile devices has far out-paced the available research on the subject. Researchers are just at the beginning stages of understanding the potential short-term and long-term effects that smartphone use might have on the brain.

The invention of smartphone has been made to make our life comfortable, for our entertainment and specially to help us to stay connected with our friends and family. We have to use it in certain limit.

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