How to Find Lost iPhone even it is Switched Off

 If your iPhone or any other apple device is lost or stolen then you can easily find it,  even it is switched off intentionally or in case battery run out. Apple has a unique in-built feature in iOS that keep your device safe if it's misplaced or snatched. 

In iOS 15, Apple brings a feature in Find My App, with which you can locate your Apple device even it misplaced or turned off.

This Feature works in Apple Device's listed below: 

• Apple iPhone 11

• Apple iPhone 11 Pro

• Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

• Apple iPhone 12 mini

• Apple iPhone 12

• Apple iPhone 12 Pro

• Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 

• Apple iPhone 13 mini

• Apple iPhone 13 

• Apple iPhone 13 Pro

• Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Here are the simple steps to enable this Feature on Apple Find My App

You can find your device if you have lost your Apple iPhone and can help you recover your phone.

1. Go to your phone settings and tap on your name.

2.  Then, Tap on "Find My" Option.

3. Now, turn on the toggle "Find My Phone"

4. After this, enable the "Find My Network" Option. As this option will let you find your Apple Device even it's offline.

5. Now, Turn on the "Send Last Location" option, this will send your iPhone's last location to your Apple Account when battery is low. 

After following these steps, restart your iPhone and if you see "iPhone Finder" Message, then the feature is enabled on your device.

Now, if you lost your Apple Device, Open Find Device App with Your Apple ID and there you can see your lost device location via map.

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