How to Delete Truecaller Account Permanently

TrueCaller is a caller id identification app which is used to know that who is calling you whether it's spam or from any location. It provides correct information to a great extent.

But sometimes we create an account in TrueCaller just to check only one number and then uninstall it. But it's not the proper solution, your login details are not removed from the app server. We have to remove our information from the application. Privacy is also a concern, sometimes we don't feel comfortable in using these apps and want to permanently delete our TrueCaller account.

Here's the way how to permanently delete our TrueCaller account:

It involves two steps:

Step I - Deactivate Your Account.

•Open the TrueCaller app and tap on the three lines in top left corner of your smartphone.

•Scroll down and tap on the settings.

•Now tap on the "Privacy Centre" option below.

•Here's you will find the option of "deactivate" your account.


•Then you will asked for the confirmation in the pop-up that you will not able to control your name on TrueCaller.

Step II - Unlist Your Phone Number.

•Visit on your smartphone browser.


•Here's you have to enter your mobile number along with your country code( +91 for India ).

•Then you have to go through the reCAPTCHA.

•Tap on unlist phone number option below.


•Pop-up will be shown to you to confirm with unlist your phone number.


•Now your phone number will be automatically unlist in 24 hours.


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