Top 5 Electric Scooter Under 70000 in India: Will get a range of up to 122 km

Best 5 Electric Scooter Under 70000 in India

HERO OPTIMA HX OKINAWA LITE BATT:RE LO:EV AMPERE MAGNUS PURE EV ETRANCE PLUS: The demand for electric scooters is increasing day by day, in view of which many companies have started making electric scooters. If your budget is 70 thousand rupees and you want to buy an electric scooter, then you can get many options. There are many models in this budget from Hero Electric to OKINAWA, BATT:RE and AMPERE. Let us know which electric scooters you can buy in this budget and what are their special features.

Hero Optima HX

Hero Optima HX is a dual battery electric scooter, which comes in the budget of 60,000 rupees. In this you get a 30Ah battery, which powers the 1200W motor. You can run the electric scooter at a top speed of 42Kmph. You can drive it up to 122 kilometers in a single charge. In this you get 12-inch wheels and you have to register to drive it. You can buy it in three colors - Grey, Blue and White at an ex-showroom price of Rs 65,640.

Okinawa Lite

The Okinawa Lite scooter comes in 6 colours. In this you get a 250W BLDC motor, which takes 4 to 5 hours to charge. The scooter has a battery of 1.25kWh. With a stylish design and dual shade finish, this scooter can travel up to 60 km in a single charge. In this you get push start on/off, color digital meter, projector headlamp and front disc brake. Its price is Rs 63,990.

Batt:Re LO:EV

Batt:Re's LO:EV is an affordable option. This electric scooter comes with three riding modes, with the help of which you can increase the riding range. It has a detachable lithium battery. The scooter comes with dual disc brakes. In a budget of less than 70 thousand rupees, it comes with reverse gear, anti theft alarm and USB charge option. It has a 28Ah battery, which gets fully charged in 3 hours. It has a range of 60 kms and is priced at Rs 65,900.

Pure EV Etrance Plus

You can also buy Pure EV Etrance Plus in this budget. It has a 1.8kWh battery. The electric scooter can be driven up to 85 km in a single charge. Its top speed is 25kmph. The company has designed it as a strong scooter. Its look will remind you of a normal scooter. You can buy it at an ex-showroom price of Rs 67,999.

Ampere Magnus

This scooter is also a good option in less than 70 thousand rupees. In this electric scooter, you get a 28Ah lithium battery, which powers a 1200W BLDC motor. You can drive it at a top speed of 55kmph. The scooter has a range of 84 kms. The ground clearance of the electric scooter is 147mm. It gets LED light, digital instrument cluster and USB charging point. The ex-showroom price of Ampere Magnus is Rs 66,520.

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