Google Pay Transaction Limits - How much money you can transfer in a day through Google Pay

How much money you can transfer in a day through Google Pay - Gpay transaction limits

In the recent times, digital payment has gained popularity, specially in this ongoing pandemic. Now, almost every smartphone user knows about how to use the digital payment method. Besides all of the digital payment methods UPI is most popular and secure.

Benefits of UPI 

There are many benifits of using UPI  (Unified Payments Interface) as digital payment:

•No need to carry physical money.

•Easy to transact directly through your bank account.

•Easy bank to bank transfer.

•Do your recharges, pay your bills at home.

•Secure payment.

Google Pay is also a UPI based monet transfer app. Google Pay is one of the most growing digital payment app. Google Pay is one of the most secure and trusted. Google Pay has very simple interface and very easy to use. Because of these benefits of Google Pay, many people prefer it as their primary payment app.

But, when it comes to transact money from your bank account, Google Pay has put a limit on single day transactions and also limited money you can transfer in a day.

As we all know Google Pay works on the Unified Payments Interface(UPI), with this you can transfer money to another person or merchant in real time. Like all other UPI based payments app Google Pay also has some limits.


You can transfer only 1 lakh rupees per day from you Google Pay. The maximum number of transactions you can done in a day is limited to 10. Even, you have more than one account linked to your Google Pay account, the limits of Google Pay would not be affected.  Although you can't request money more than ₹2000 in single day.


 Apart of these Google Pay's own limit on money transactions, there are limits of banks as well. Different banks has their own limits of transacting money. You can check any bank's limit on their official website.

Sometimes, Google Pay holds the transactions it there seems any suspicious activity in the receiver's account and inform you about that. It is done by Google Pay to prevent any kind of  fraud.

Once you have reached the limit of transacting money from your Google Pay account, you have to wait till next day or else you can use other payments methods like net banking, NEFT etc.

There's no way to increase your Google Pay limit thab calling customer care service of Google Pay.