Government banned 22 YouTube channels in India

22 YouTube channels have been banned for spreading false information against India. 4 Pakistani channels are also included in this list. Along with this, a website and many social media accounts have also been banned.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ordered the blocking of 22 YouTube channels, three Twitter accounts, one Facebook account and one news website using emergency power under the IT Rules 2021. The total viewership of blocked YouTube channels was 260 million. These accounts and channels were being used to spread sensitive and false information on social media and fake news on matters related to India's security, foreign policy and public order.

This is the first time that action has been taken on Indian YouTube channels on the basis of IT Rules 2021. Let us inform that the government had issued the notification of IT Rules 2021 in February last year. Under the latest blocking order, 18 Indian and 4 Pakistani YouTube channels have been banned.

These YouTube channels were being used to spread fake news on various issues. Especially on issues like Indian Army, Jammu and Kashmir, fake posts were being made through these channels. Anti-India content posted through various social media accounts has also been blocked. Investigation has revealed that many wrong information on the situation in Ukraine has also been shared by Indian YouTube channels. These channels were being posted with the intention of affecting India's relations with other countries.